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    Hi ,

    I have 2 problems with the theme,

    1. the menu on top seems to be ocnflicting with footer or something

    2. thumbnails on product page are too small, and does align with thumbnails arrows

    I attached photos of both issues

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    Thank you so much purchasing our theme and contacting our support center.

    Please, provide us your website link so we could check it live.

    Kind Regards
    XTemos Studio




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    Thank you. Try to set a background for your header (white for example) in Theme Settings -> Header -> Appearance.





    1. It still doesnt work. it seems like the footer is overiding the upper menu. I tried setting the z-index to a high number but it didnt change anyhting.

    2. what about the thumbnail? how can I fix that?

    3. one more issue Im having is the logo in the home page,
    I imported the parallal home page without importing the basic data before(only saw it later),
    when I change the logo it seems ok, but after few moments and refresh, it changes back to your logo. the logo on the “store” remains ok.

    And can you please guide me on how to change the background images for parallax? I saw that the first part is revolution slider and afterwards backgrounds and texts, but dont know how to change those background images.




    1. Try to put the following code snippet to the Custom CSS area in Theme Settings

    .header-categories, .header-simple {
        z-index: 1;

    2. You can increase thumbnails images size in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products -> Display. You will need to regenerate all thumbnails after changes.

    3. Firstly, you need to upload White version of the logo in Theme Settings -> Header -> logo also.

    To change background images you need to open this page for editing in admin panel and click edit button on some row element. Then switch to “Design” tab and change the image there.

    Kind Regards



    1. works thanks!

    2. still doesnt work. if completely delete the “width” attribute of thumbnails in “chrome inspect” , the thumbnail fits perfectly. is there a way to do it automatically for all thumbnails?

    3. works thanks!

    and I also wanted to know,
    4. is it possible to replace “paging” in products with “load more” button?
    5. how can I make sidebar on product page to scroll down when the user scrolls? (like the menu always remains in the viewing area)
    6. In RTL the sidebar is ALWAYS on the left side, no matter what you chose in the settings (right or left) , can this be easily fix?
    7. How do I translate the “ALL” option in the shopping page, and “my account” and “logout”?
    all other settings were translated to Hebrew automatically (Thanks for that, saved me a lot of time!) should I use wpml or loco, what is the easiest way?



    2. It means that this size is not enough and you need to increase it even more.

    4 & 5. Unfortunately, there is no such feature in our theme

    6. Try to add this code snippet to the Custom CSS area in Theme Settings

    .sidebar-right { 

    7. You can translate our theme texts via POT files. Here is a video that demonstrates how to translate strings with Loco Translate plugin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAFq1yTfWfU




    Thanks .

    Is thee a way to globally change the color of prices, in cart and on product page , and in checout.
    Its all green and I want to change it.
    Do I have to change every object manually?




    I noticed the colors are home-page based, and the naming of classes and objects are different between home pages.
    What is the best way to change colors of buttons and orices and so on…



    You can change green color globally via Theme Settings -> Styles & Colors -> Primary color




    Thanks it worked!

    I have few more questions.

    1. Im having a problem with the flat-ui home page.

    I installed it without attachments.
    I managed to set the revolution slider on top.
    But I have problem with the two small banners, on mobile the small banners stays in the same size as in desktop and cover the entire website, how am I supposed to set the image for the small banner backgrounds?

    2. I also wanted to know how to create banner for each category on top of the shop page?

    3. From some reason, when choosing one of the categories, the menu color changes, I have no idea how to control the menu-color for each category


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    1. Try to add this code snippet to fix the issue

    .site-content {

    2. You can create HTML Blocks with “Banner” elements and then place its shortcode to some category “Description” field. And this banner will be shown nicely on the category page.

    3. For this category you have uploaded different “Page heading image”. Simply remove it.


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