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4.x to 5.0 (Elementor) migration guide

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4.x to 5.0 (Elementor) migration guide

We are happy to introduce one of the most anticipated updates for our theme - version 5.0 with Elementor compatibility! The most frequently asked question about our theme was Elementor builder support. It has more than 5+ millions of active installation and that is amazing. So finally we have implemented 100% compatibility with this builder and now our theme works flawlessly with both WPBakery and Elementor and you can decide which one is better for you. Besides that, our 5.0 update has a lot of other great features like quantity on the shop page and shopping cart widget, stock status widget, Toolset plugin compatibility, etc. Read our changelog for more information.

IMPORTANT! How to upgrade your website to WoodMart 5.0.

Unfortunately, there is no transfer mechanism for pages built with WPBakery page builder to transform their content into Elementor. So if you want to use Elementor then you will need to create all pages from scratch manually. All our elements that you used with WPBakery are working in the same way on Elementor.
Here is a step by step guide on how to update the theme safely:

1. Make a full backup of your website files and database.

2. Turn off all optimizations and cache plugins. Temporarily disable CDN if applied.

3. Switch to parent theme if you are running a child theme.

4. Update the theme in one of the traditional ways described in our documentation

5. Clear your browser cache.

6. Test if everything is working correctly.

7. Regenerate CSS generator if applied and resave Theme Settings.

8. Turn on disabled plugins and child theme. Clear their cache and CDN.

9. If you want to move to Elementor then you need to install this plugin, switch to Elementor in Theme Settings and recreate all pages.

Frequent Asked Question about 5.0 update and Elementor support

Is it possible to automatically transform all pages built with the WPBakery page builder to Elementor?

No, unfortunately. These plugins have different architecture and data storage mechanisms. So the only way to do this is to recreate all pages and posts built with WPBakery page builder from scratch.

Does Elementor have the same list of elements as WPBakery page builder?

Yes, we have implemented all elements from WPBakery that related to our theme and they are available for Elementor too. They have almost the same list of options and features but some small differences may still occur.

Is dummy content available for Elementor too?

Yes, all demo versions are available for Elementor. Before importing the dummy content you have to install only one builder and then you will get all the dummy content optimized for that. Note that you can't run the import for Elementor if you imported WPBakery before and vise versa. The templates library is available too starting from the 6.0 update.

Will support for both plugins will harm my website performance?

No, these plugins are not working at the same time. When you select which one to use in our Theme Settings then part of theme PHP files are not included and you have different CSS files. So your website weight and backend performance will not be affected at all.

Help us to make our theme better! The 5.0 update is a huge update and if you will notice any bugs or problems with the update, please, create a topic on our support forum so we can review and fix them asap.

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