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Thank you for all your support. I’m waiting for your answer to the previous comment. But I wanna list some things about I have questions.

1. The price filter, category filter, color filter, none of the filters are working correctly. I don’t know if it is related with the pagination problem, what do you say? But my hosting provider told me that there is no problem with the load time 🙁 Help!

2. When I add any product to the car from the quick view, it appears me a pop up window that says my product was added. The problem is, the language. Can I translate this message to spanish? If yes, how?

3. There is any way that when I’m into a subcategory product it still appears the list of the other subcategories childs from the super category?

4. I know maybe you don’t know about this, but… Can I reorder the fields on the checkout page? Not the fields of the form but the invoice field, where appear the taxes. Example it appears first the shipping cost, and then the taxes. Can I put the taxes above and below the shipping cost?

5. Do you know any plugin for woocommerce related with deals, promotions, sales?

Thank you! You are a great team!