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Artem Temos


1. This code you need to place into child theme functions.php file. Of course child theme need to be activated on your web-site. And after that you are able to change your Read More button just inside this code. What do you want to see instead of the button? Just remove “Read more” words and place some dots or icons as you wish.

2. We don’t have such video tutorial, but you can watch this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX5hh98fNkQ it shows the process for other theme but with Basel it is quite similar. So your steps:

1. Install Poedit program

2. Create a new catalog from the POT file (basel/languages/basel.pot)

3. Save it as a new one with language code in the end. For example basel-ru_RU.po

4. Place into wp-content/languages/themes/basel-ru_RU.po

Hope this will help you.