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Hello again,

It is true that I haven’t made big changes as to need to create a child theme, specially because there are theme custom CSS and Custom JS files, BUT I have updated the theme and my menus have been disconfigured (not deleted) and my footer is completely gone. The four different footer columns that I had set up with widgets in them are no longer there. AND all the widgets included within the Blog Sidebar were deleted as well. The menus came back again as soon as I went to Menus in Appearance and gave them again the language they belong to. However, the footer info I had to do manually from scratch.


On the one hand, I have been able to set all up as it was (after 1 hour of redoing the work) since I had the older version still available. On the other, you may agree with me that this is not desired behavior. I don’t think it’s as easy as ‘uploading it and installing it as a new theme’. I really want to know if there’s a solution to this because otherwise making changes for every new update will be incredibly time-consuming (now on localhost is already painful but when the site goes live will be worse).