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I don’t understand why things like my CUSTOMIZED Revolution slider, Blog, Products, or even third-party plugins like Mailchimp or Live Chat are not affected with new theme updates (they remain exactly the same), but when it comes to the menus or the footer widgets they do get affected.

Anyway, I guess from your answer then that I DO NEED to use a child theme if I don’t want to be changing all the time my menus and footer. But in my case what files are the relevant ones that I need to incorporate inside my child theme? Which files contain the widgets that I include on the footer or the menu changes?? Those are definitely not in .css files. Maybe on a functions file? Can I do a child theme with only one file and no .css files at all? You may feel that I’m too picky and that I ask a lot but knowing how to solve this is very important to me and sending me to the https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes page is not of much help to me since I’m a beginner… Is it that difficult to give me a step-by-step explanation? Aren’t there any good tutorials out there that can help me with these?