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Firstly, regarding the wp-admin Login of the bebino.hr Site, as you know there is a time difference issue so the code sending way might not work correctly. If there is any other simpler way possible through the temporary wp-admin login link or direct wp-admin access, it would be good and a faster way to access the Site Admin. Hope you can understand and won’t mind.

2- Could you please once try deactivating all the third party Plugins on your Site, remaining the Theme required ones activated. If the issue gets resolved, then reactivate them one by one to see which Plugin is causing the issue.

If somehow issue still persists, then please take complete Backup of your Site first, then provide us the WP-ADMIN Login details of your Site in the Private Content field along with the permission to completely debug your Site which includes deactivating all the third party Plugins and removal of on-Site Customization changes too, so that we can thoroughly check this issue on your Site and assist you accordingly.

3- Regarding adding the Product Brands concern, please read out the following Theme guide in this regard: https://xtemos.com/docs-topic/product-brands/

Hope this helps !

Best Regards