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1- The gap that you were referring to for the Products, it isn’t a separate gap added. It is the Image container that is taking up that place due to the Image size: https://snipboard.io/aY0Rb1.jpg

So, you need to have a standard WooCommerce defined size image uploaded for the Products and this gap will be adjusted accordingly with that. You can read more about it here: https://xtemos.com/docs-topic/image-size-and-content-alignment-in-a-product-grid/

2- When you create a new Page on your Site, by default the Sidebar is enabled on it which is the thing you are seeing in this regard. To disable it, you need to edit your page with simple edit (i.e. Gutenberg edit) > there under the Page Settings options > you will find the Sidebar option > in that you can disable the Sidebar if you want:


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