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Hi There

Thanks for your response. A few questions below.

Can you tell me where in the theme settings area is the shop page disabled? Show a screen shot?

Widget Areas
I have multiple widgets in my “Shop Page Widget Area” and “Shop Page Filter” none of which are applying to my pages. How do the widget areas work. The documentation doesn’t do a good job of explaining this.

Social Buttons
I’ve configured my social buttons in the theme settings > social area. I’ve disable a few of the social icons by leaving them blank but they still show up on the site. What am I missing?

Short Codes
Where do I find a list of shortcodes. The theme documentation only provides a list but doesn’t give the actual syntax (i.e, [social_buttons]). I’m looking to move the currency switcher in the top header bar (make it to the left) and but all the my account options to the right.

I much rather do all of this myself, as I need to know how to do it in the future. You all doing it is great, but I rather just be walked through it. I’m on skype. Please feel free to reach out to me there. User name is thwatkins2