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    I really need help on this guys and gals, the site is elementearthcbd.com

    I cannot add to cart, the button keeps spinning, any suggestions?


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    This keeps happening and I dont know why it doesnt make any sense at all.




    Try to disable beeketing plugin.

    There is an error in console when you click add product to cart.

    Check the screenshot.

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    I did but still doing it, please help me you sound like your a pro.




    In that case disable all plugins that are not related to Woodmart’s theme. Any extra plugin that you have installed and activated. Clear the browser cache and try to add the product to cart. If it is added try to see by enabling one by one the plugins to see which one is the culprit.


    Thank you I will, I know your not tech support but is there anything else I can do? For example I had an issue like this with Optinmonster, even though I disabled it, and got rid of it, it stuck in my code till it was “cleared out”.

    How do I open this code and check for “beeketing”?

    Sorry and thank you.


    Nothing having a dev look at it now I am thinking about using a more up to date site but can’t due the plugin being so limited, this WordPress is pretty buggy, and you need massive knowledge on it, whereas the more modern platforms I would think they are better, I don’t know, I feel like this WP is going on 2 decades old, its good and all but thinking BigCommerce, better-looking sites and is much more “up to date”, like I can tell a WP site now from a mile away.



    Could you please disable all plugins that are not related to our theme and provide us your admin access so we can check it?

    Thank you in advance


    I have disabled everything possible, yet this still remains an issue, thank you very much for this I appreciate, I don’t know what to do, it makes us look bad, thank you for helping!!!!!!


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    Currently, all external plugins are turned on and you have child theme also. Please, disable them all and update the theme to the latest version as well. We will check what is wrong.


    Is their anyway you can assist with that, as they key is not for the copy I have now, I bought it after the fact, had I known it was not “mine” I would have done something earlier.

    If you can please help, I am sure it is just an update.



    Sorry, but it can’t be caused by the update. Please, do everything as we ask you so we can check what is wrong with the theme. But most likely there is some conflict between plugins or with some custom code.

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