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    Hi there,

    I have to change the individual field basel_variation_gallery_data via CSV for about 5000 product variations and import it again. I have to create a relationship between the color and the Variation Image Gallery in the CSV and integrate the correct image gallery for each color.

    Unfortunately there are no entries in the field basel_variation_gallery_data in the different variations. The information for the variation Image Gallery is only in the parent product and looks like this:
    a:2:{i:55645;s:23: “65114,65112,65110,65108”;i:55644;s:29: “65124,65122,65120,65118,65116”;}

    What is this syntax and how can I process it in mass processing? This seems very difficult for CSV editing. And it is also not possible to fill it out in comparison to the respective product colour.

    Is there a way to do this in a practical way? It would be very time-consuming to do this for approx. 5000 variants via the admin panel.

    Thank you and best regards

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    We do not have a quick solution to this issue, unfortunately. Woocommerce customization is not covered by our support.

    Best Regards



    Hi Elise,

    but that’s not really WooCommerce Customization. The field basel_variation_gallery_data is an individual field from the Basel Theme. Normally the values of WooCommerce are in the fields of the variations. So a mass processing for the WooCommmerce products is easily possible. With the Basel Theme, however, the data in the field basel_variation_gallery_data is only specified in the parent product.

    Can you at least explain the syntax so that we can compose it manually? What does the entry a:2:{i:55645;s:23:”65114,65112,65110,65108″;i:55644;s:29:”65124,65122,65120,65118,65116“;} mean?
    I have attached a screenshot of the field from a sample product where two variations are already assigned to an image gallery via the Admin Panel.

    Thank you and best regards

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    This field contains an array of variations IDS and images IDS uploaded to each variation. For example

    55645 - Variation ID
    65114,65112,65110,65108 - Images ID for this variation
    55644 - Variation ID
    65124,65122,65120,65118,65116 - Images ID for this variation


    Okay. Maybe I could build a solution out of that. But what do a:2 and s:23 and s:29 mean? Does a:2 change if there are more variations in the array? And where do I get the information about s: from? When I know that, I try to find a solution for a bulk editing.

    Thank you and best regards


    PHP arrays are serialized before storing them in the database. It is how the WordPress core works and not our theme’s option. So all these symbols are a part of the serialized array string. https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.serialize.php

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