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    I understand you can use CSS for mobile, tablet and desktop all in the theme settings.
    I need to apply some CSS to a specific product page but only for mobile within wp-page bakery backend.

    How can I target mobile without adding the code in theme settings mobile css?



    I’m getting an error on my website while using the header builder.

    I have created a product header using the header builder and my plans are to make only the Header-bottom sticky on the product page (desktop) and the main header non-sticky on the desktop which of course I have achieved using the settings within the header builder.

    What i want is:

    Main header-non sticky desktop [Achieved} -https://gyazo.com/34c412d06129d52f880e1b92d956f310

    Main header sticky mobile [Not achieved] – if i switch to the mobile view on the header builder and click sticky on the main header it also makes the main header sticky on desktop.

    Header-bottom: sticky desktop (Acheievd]
    header-bottom: hide mobile. (Achieved]



    1) Please provide with some relevant screenshots of the specific area you want to target using the WPBakery page builder to check it myself and help you out accordingly.

    2) We are glad that you achieved one of your desired results yourself. You are Great!

    The main header works the same for both mobile and desktop that’s you are unable to achieve your desired result. You can either disable and show it on mobile or desktop.

    Unfortunately, you couldn’t set two different main header behaviors. It requires customization and this is beyond our limitations and privacy policy.

    Best Regards.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)