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Need help to remove the message

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    I want to remove the message” Please buy more than Rs. 499/- to get COD payment method” from the checkout page. Also, a stream of codes appears below “Verify Your Purchase”. I don’t want them and want to remove them.
    Need to resolve this asap.

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    Sorry to say but as far as we are seeing the Checkout page of your Site, there aren’t both the mentioned things appearing. Please see the following image for reference: https://snipboard.io/VxvcCd.jpg

    So, could you please confirm if your issue is now resolved or still appearing?

    Best Regards.



    Actually, this thing will appear in the checkout if the payment option selected as “COD” and an order value of more than Rs. 2000/-. I have used some sort of setting in coding earlier which created me a problem after I used a separate plugin for this.

    I want to keep the plugin. So please help me to resolve the issue. If you want, I can give you credential access to my dashboard.



    To hide the 499 area from the mentioned place, please try using the below Custom CSS code and paste it to Dashboard >> Theme Settings >> Custom CSS >> Global CSS section:

    .woocommerce-checkout #payment .woocommerce-info.cod-unavailable {
        display: none !important;

    Regarding the Error appearing, this seems to be caused by some Custom Script being used here. The issue here is that this isn’t appearing through some tag which can be specifically hidden. This is generated as an overall under the main tag, so you need to modify or remove that Script code that you are using here to hide this.

    Hope you can understand !

    Best Regards.



    Thanks for Replying with the Solution. With the CSS mentioned above, I am able to remove the 499/- message. Thank you for your quick help!
    The later “error message” showing, I have no idea about from where exactly I need to modify or remove the Script Code.
    Can you please help me out with this ?



    Regarding that Error concern, can you please once make sure your WoodMart theme and Core plugin is updated to the latest version and then check back the issue again on your Site. The latest version of the Theme running is 7.1.4 and the Core version running is 1.0.36. If it is not updated then you can update the Theme and Core following the Documentation Guide: https://xtemos.com/docs-topic/update-the-theme/

    If the issue still persists after updating the Theme and Core plugin, then could you please once try deactivating all the third party Plugins on your Site, remaining the Theme required ones activated. If the issue gets resolved, then reactivate them one by one to see which Plugin is causing the issue. If this doesn’t work for you then once also, try to activate the Parent Theme on your Site if you are using Child Theme on your Site.

    If somehow the issue still persists, then please take complete Backup of your Site first, then provide us the WP-ADMIN Login details of your Site in the Private Content field along with the permission to completely debug your Site which includes deactivating all the third party Plugins and removal of on-Site Customization changes too, so that we can thoroughly check this issue on your Site and assist you accordingly.

    Best Regards.



    Thanks, Aizaz for your help! My problem is resolved now! There was a problem with one of the plugins. So I removed that.
    Here I want to ask 2 more things if you can help me in that too.
    1. Recently I got a notification Woocommerce Plugin update. Should I go ahead and update it? Doesn’t it affect the current settings?
    2. Secondly, if I am updating the woodmart theme, won’t it affect my current settings? My website is currently live on child theme. Should I change it to Parent theme after Woocommerce and Woodmart theme updation?
    Please help.



    Before making any Theme or Plugin update on your Site, please always make sure to have complete Backup of your Site first and then you can go along with the process of updating the Theme and Plugins.

    Most of the time there aren’t any issues occurring on the Site but to avoid any mishap to happen as precautionary measure, one needs to have the Backup of its current Site. Hope we have cleared your doubt !

    Also, you don’t need to activate your Parent Theme in order to update your Theme because Theme Update is only done on Parent Theme and you can do that directly without activating it.

    Further, regarding the Theme Update you can check out the Theme Documentation guide: https://xtemos.com/docs-topic/update-the-theme/

    Best Regards.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)