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Problem appearance on MOBILE

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    Hello Guys,

    As you can see on the attached picture, i have problem on mobile version.
    1st problem in desktop version sliders are ok as you see on mobile version words and photos are wrong
    2nd the logo is too small but in desktop version its OK
    3rd the photo on the down sliders are bigger and covers the sentences. Also senteces are cut left and right
    4th i Have 3 categories on menu BUT sub-categories dont appear as the categories on the 2nd photo.

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    As you are using the default WoodMart Slider on your Site, so you can go to Dashboard > Slides > Sliders > there edit your Slider > under that you can find the option to define Height accordingly for the Desktop, Tablet and Mobile: https://snipboard.io/UHLEMv.jpg

    And edit the slider responsive setting in the page builder.

    Further, you can read more about WoodMart Sliders here: https://xtemos.com/docs-cat/woodmart-slider/?theme=woodmart

    The logo size depends on three conditions:
    a. Maximum width that is set in the Logo element: https://prnt.sc/23pdtty Logo cannot be wider than this value.

    b. The row height where the Logo element is added: https://prnt.sc/23pdvit
    c. Image size: image cannot get wider or higher than its initial real size. Image cannot be crushed or deformed in any way. The image width and height correlation should be the same on all the devices and header types.
    Logo width determines the max-width of the logo. For example, if the image size is 280px, you can set the max-width of the Logo up to 280 px, otherwise, the max-width more than 280px would not be effective as it would require an image wider than 280 px to come in force. In order to show the logo widger than 280px, you need to increase the image width in the image editor.

    create such a menu with sub items and set that menu as a mobile: https://take.ms/OPJ1g
    So as a result, in the mobile sidebar, the sub items will appear.

    Best Regards.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)