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Social buttons won't redirect to Instagram or Facebook

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    This might be a very simple question, but I couldn’t find a solution for this anywhere.

    I put links for both Facebook and Instagram page through Customize>Social (as, for example, facebook.com/username and instagram.com/username)

    However, when I clicked either icon, the site links to mysite.com/instagram.com/username (and likewise for Facebook) which shows the 404 error page.

    Please advise on how to fix this. Thanks!


    Artem Temos


    Thank you so much purchasing our theme and contacting our support center.

    You just need to put http:// before your links. Will have the following result


    Kind Regards
    XTemos Studio



    Thanks so much for your quick response! I should’ve tried that.

    Regardless, I got 3 more questions on customization:

    1) I wonder if it’s possible add ‘LINE’ as a social button. (in case you have never heard of LINE, it’s like Whatsapp, but more popular in asia). And how can I change the social media icons in general?

    2) How can I import the parallax effect on demo.xtemos.com/basel/home-bicycle/ (the part that says “You want get test drive on bicycle?”) to my front page?

    3) How to remove “Store Notice Text” is stuck to the bottom of my store page?

    Thanks again!

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    Artem Temos


    1. You can add it manually by editing this shortcode function in the file inc/shortcodes.php. Unfortunately, there is no option to edit social buttons from admin panel.

    2. We suggest you import this whole page via Dummy Content and then just copy the part of the code with this effect to your homepage. Or simply copy full source of this page and paste it to your homepage code. Then delete all unnecessary elements with Visual Composer and leave only desired one.

    3. You can disable this notice in WooCommerce Settings.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)