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I have fixed some issues but a couple of issues remain.

1. The product images continue to be in different sizes and this creates problems. The main image is the correct size but the other images are displayed in different sizes. This error causes the extra images to end up way down. How can you set all images to be the same size? See example below how different is the size for all productimages. On the mobile device it looks very bad. Also on the desktop and tablets.

Link: https://www.sexoteksverige.se/produkt/body-chains-s-2/

2. If you visit the link below, you will see several subcategories. If you click on one of the subcategories and then click to “back” the subcategories will be frozen. It is impossible to move to left or right so you can see all subcetories.
Link: https://www.sexoteksverige.se/kategori/fetish-bondage/

3. On the product pages, I think the “Reviews” takes up a lot of space. You need to scroll down very far down to see the rest of the content such as Related products and other content. Is there a way where Reviews “Open” when the visitor wants? How can i do so its short? On the mobile device it need to scroll down very much.

Link: https://www.sexoteksverige.se/produkt/toko-aroma-litchee-165-ml/

4. How can I set the images on the link below to have the same height?

Link: https://www.sexoteksverige.se/kategori/fetish-bondage/

5. In the link below, if you scroll to the bottom to “When viewed, the images are blurry and large. You can’t see the whole image. It’s zoomed in. How can I fix it?

Link: https://www.sexoteksverige.se/kategori/sexleksaker/

6. Är det möjligt att istället för Sticky skapa normal vänster menu? So when you hover the mouse over the main categories, the subcategories open?

If you need to help me you have FTP or Admin details below.

Regards Akis