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Artem Temos


Thank you so much for using our theme and for your words.

We can’t login your admin panel, please check your login details.

1. You can enable full-width layout in Theme Settings -> General Settings -> Site Width -> Content Full Width. We see that some filters may look not the same like site you have mentioned, do you need any help in configuring them? You can provide some screenshots of how filters should look and we will try to change them in this way, maybe using some custom CSS.

2. As we already wrote you, our theme doesn’t have such feature, and if you want us to implement this ability with our standard gallery it may need additional customization and could be done as a paid service.

3. As we can see you have already enabled swatches attributes on your shop grid. If you want to show there images from product attribute and not from product variations you can turn off option “Use images from product variations” in Theme Settings -> Shop -> Attribute Swatches.

Hope this will help, in case you need more instructions don’t hesitate to write your questions here.

Kind regards,