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Thank you for the prompt answer. Still one issue to solve with these icons… This is how it looks now: https://s31.postimg.org/tbmk5rcln/Screen_Shot_2016_06_29_at_10_43_24.png

And I would like to give a bit more space to one side and another of the pipe line and also I would like to decrease the size of the social icons. I have tried to do both myself unsuccessfully. For the first one I’ve used both <i> and <span> opening and closing tags with spaces in between but didn’t make any change. And for decreasing the size of the icons I used the font-size attribute inside the chunk of code that you gave me to use in Custom CSS but it didn’t work either.

This doesn’t work:
.topbar-wrapp .social-icons li {
line-height: 1;

Could you please help me?