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Social Media Icons Showing in Footer + Header
There are social media icons that are showing in the footer and header that I disabled. I only want Instagram, Facebook, and email to show. Please tell me how I should disable them. I have went into the theme options and removed the links from each social media area, but the icons still display in the footer and header.

Widgets on Shop Pages + Shop Filters in Shop Widget Area
Does the url have to contain “shop/page-name” in order for the shop widgets to work on the page? I have enabled the left sidebar on the shop pages under theme settings, but the selected widgets still are not displaying. If you log-in you will see that I am looking for the shop/catalog pages to look exactly like http://demo.xtemos.com/basel/shop/?shopleft.
I want to do it myself, because I need to under how to make edits to the theme.

I’ve added two different widgets in the shop widgets area for the coiffafrica.com/shampoo page but only one widget shows up. The only widget that shows up is the category list. Why isn’t the only widget displaying in the left sidebar?

I also added a filtering widget to the shop filter area and those widgets are not displaying either. Why aren’t these widgets showing up. There is alot that is not explained in the documentation.

#5 From earlier
The boxes for categories ARE selected? Did you check? If you did, you would see that they are selected. The issue isn’t that the category boxes aren’t appearing. The issue is that the categories reflected in those category boxes aren’t the categories currently that are in the categories that I created. Where are the categories being pulled from. If you log into my site you will see that the categories that I have are Shampoos, Conditioner, Butters & Oils, etc.