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Artem Temos


1. Currently you are using share buttons shortcode that don’t link to your social networks pages. As we already said you can use “follow” shortcode to remove links you don’t need. [social_buttons type="follow"]. You can change this in Appearance -> Widgets -> Footer Column 1. We did this for you.

2. All widgets work correct now. Did you add some brands to your products? Since any products are not associated with any brands you can see filter by brand and of course you will not see “Active filters” widget. This information is not presented in our theme documentation since it is WooCommerce functionality. We have added some brands, colors and sizes to your product attributes and now you can see these filters http://www.coiffafrica.com/product-category/butters-oils
You can find some usefull documentation about product attributes and filters here

3. In the shop filter area “Sort by” widget is showing by default, just additional widgets you need. We have added one for example.

5. Yes we did, it wasn’t checked before. Now product categories are displayed, please check this screenshot https://gyazo.com/e98a41091e79b850b5e7be2a73136a98

Unfortuantely we can’t provide support through the Skype, there are a lot of support requests that we are answering in order queue. It is not necessary to duplicate topic text in item’s comments on themeforest 🙂

Hope this help and thank you for understanding.