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    Is there some available Css to fully open the accordeon tabs on product pages, no scroll on tab needed to see full content.

    Image & link attached.
    Thanks for the help!

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    I saw the screenshot you attached. By default, the area is limited to some specific height. So if you try changing it then it might disturb the layout of the other elements.

    If you still want the CSS then you can try adding the following Custom CSS in the Custom CSS for Desktop area under Theme Settings >> Custom CSS.

    .tabs-layout-accordion .woodmart-scroll .woodmart-scroll-content {
    max-height: 250px;

    Best Regards.



    The code work perfectly, thanks, small question though: What limit should I stick to? When you say “disturb the layout”, you mean for very long description only? Is it something you have tested yourself?

    I’m asking because we really love the fact that there is no scroll on this tab. A scroll window on a scroll page is actually no practical at all…

    Thanks for your time and help.



    You are Most Welcome.

    You can set the height according to your needs and check which height value suits your needs. Using a very greater height value could disturb the layout.

    Xtemos Studios.

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