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    1. http://prntscr.com/sprljl

    As the pictures above, the blog post look weird with 2 column options

    I want it to be 1 column only for bigger featured image like the one on the left

    How to fix?

    2. http://prntscr.com/sprn5w

    When i hide the comment meta data which is the date and time of comment.

    The layout turn out to be weird like that.

    How to fix?

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    1) I saw the screenshot you attached. Unfortunately, you could not have the masonry grid with
    1 column because this option is not available for Blog items.

    2) And for the blog comments meta Please provide with the URL of the website to check it myself
    and help you out accordingly.

    Best Regards.



    1. I know there is no option. I want to ask if you guy can fix it with just changing some coding. I think it’s not that hard since you know how the theme work

    2. http://yolohelp.com/2020/05/26/duyen-no-truyen-kiep-nhu-iu-va-baekhyun-exo/

    This is just simple css stuff. You can hide it by yourself without asking me for any site. Just create any demo site and test.

    Why you guys have to make it like it’s all my fault everytime i open a support thread here? This is the third time i was treated this way? You guys are seriously lazy.

    Do you need the code?

    .comments-area .comment-meta {

    Just create any demo site and test.

    Just dont ask for my login too, jesus. Becuz my site is just a blank demo site, didnt even change anything yet.

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    1. We can give you a CSS to code to make some particular element to be always in one column. Please, send us a link where we can see this on your website.

    2. Try to use the following CSS code instead of yours

    .comments-area .comment-meta {
       visibility: hidden;


    1. Thanks. The site demo i’m building is in PRIVATE CONTENT. Pls check.

    2. Thank you for the code, new thing to learn.

    Ps. Look like i found your support process now. There’s always the FIRST guy who have no ideas about coding answer my question just to piss me off all the time. They can answer simple question about options of the theme.


    Private Content Hidden

    1. Disable the masonry grid from that element and use the following code

    .vc_col-sm-4 .blog-post-loop {
        flex: 0 0 100%;
        max-width: 100%;

    It seems that you are using our theme on multiple projects. Please, activate this domain also with a new purchase code.

    Thank you in advance.



    1. Thank you so much

    And Nope, i dont use test site like local site on pc. I have like 20 domains, few of them have woodmart theme but all are just for testing, install, reset, test plugins + code and uninstall, start fresh again. After done, i will give it all to main site and delete the rest.

    You can see clearly in all the test sites, everything is all over the place. I dont see any multiple projects here but the one i activated on your site.


    We see that you are using it for another project already https://vui**rt.com/



    the project is dead bro, dont you see it’s a ONLINE MART

    can you buy anything there?

    I hide all the product, nobody can buy anthing anymore.

    It’s a dead site. I’ll change it to other theme since you said so. Simple and easy.

    Nobody give a fuck about it anymore for a whole year already.

    Ya happy now?


    OK, feel free to contact us if you will need more help from us.

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