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    I put a caroussel on one of my pages but the images are VERY blurry… Why are they blurry? The actual image size is much bigger. The carousels images should be clear.
    See my site for example: https://www.razyya.com/home-collection/
    What could be causing this? and hoe to fix it?

    Thank you!

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    Could you please disable all plugins that are not related to our theme and provide us your admin access so we can check it?

    Thank you in advance


    Admin access in Private.
    I suspected Smush might be responsible, or W3, but when I disabled the plugins including those, the problem persisted.
    I reactivated the plugins, when you are ready to take a look, you can deactivate them for your testing.


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    Try to increase the image size in Thumbnail Image. https://prnt.sc/py33q0

    Please find more instructions here: https://xtemos.com/docs/woodmart/faq-guides/image-size-content-alignment-product-grid/

    Best Regards


    those images are much smaller than 600px in that carousel, but I still tried bringing it up to 1000px and it changed absolutely nothing.



    Can you test on quite big images, for example, 800px at least? You say you bring it up to 1000? What do you mean: 1000px is initial size or you made 1000 from 600?

    When an image is blurred it means you took too small images.

    Best Regards



    1) Disable any cache plugins you may have on the plugins page.

    2) Then try to make the changes to the thumbnails again.

    3) After making changes to the thumbnail sizes, go to:

    Appearance -> Customize -> WooCommerce -> Product Images

    4) And check the sizes of your thumbnails there. Whatever they are, double them. Make sure you check the ratios are correct too (for me, I use 1:1 for square images).

    5) Publish your changes and then clear your browser cache and cookies and then go to your website and see if the images look better.

    Whether or not you have a cache plugin, try clearing your browser’s cookies and cache before trying anything further. It always helps start out fresh.

    The thumbnails settings in the theme settings (under Appearance -> Customize -> WooCommerce -> Product Images) have been helpful to me in many different themes in the past.

    Hope this helps.

    I attached a video showing how to get to those settings too.

    UPDATE: It wouldn’t let me upload it. So here is a link to it:





    Hi, I don’t quite get how any of this is relevant.
    The images are my main product images. They are 1000px wide by 1400px high. this is the size if you look in the media library.
    the thumbnails in the shop or product-category pages are great, no issue. If you look at this screenshot (https://imgur.com/dWHkk3q), 4 thumbnails span the whole page so they are less than 500px on mt 1920px-wide screen.
    The issue is on the carousel on my home collection page. (https://imgur.com/DJ3Fl2E)
    These images are also 4 in a row but next to another large image, so they are clearly smaller than the shop images (probably 300-350px) yet they are super blurry.
    How will increasing the width of the non-problematic shop images fix this carousel?

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    Also, I copied that layout from one of the page templates that came with the theme. In that one the images are super clear!! the same damn pictures, same products.
    I don’t get it. Here is the link (I it is draft so I think you will need to be logged into my site)



    It doesn’t hurt to try if all else has failed.

    When changing the sizes there (where I showed you), it always causes a force regenerate for all of my thumbnails.

    Those images are set in the carousel at 174×178 right now. Are there any places where you have/had used 174×178 image size configurations?

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    Hello, ahetu16@gmail.com,

    Have you solved the issue?

    Best Regards


    Thanks a lot for the explanation Tank, didn’t know it forked like that. I don’t think I used that format anywhere. I just copied that row from one of the sample pages that came with the theme though. I’ll try deleting it and just making it on my own with the blocks, we’ll see if that has any impact. I’ll change the thumbnail pic width again where you showed me to regenerate when done.
    Elise, I will test this tomorrow (EST) and let you know.



    Fine. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

    Best Regards

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