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    Hello, many thanks for this beautiful and functional theme. It’s really successful and I use it on multiple sites.

    However, I need to actively use the brand option on my new site. We add brands as attributes and when they click on the brand logo, those products appear as a filter.

    However, there is a problem. Let’s say I added products for the brand “Nike”. When the user clicks on the logo, they can view the Nike products on the site. There is no problem with this.

    But I want to have brand pages where I list my brand products under the name “Nike Products”, where I can add articles and which will stand out in Google. Can I do this with the Woodmart theme?


    Luke Nielsen


    By default, there is an “Enable archives” option in WooCommerce attributes.


    After enabling, clicking on the brand on a single product will take you to a page with all products that have this brand. Also, you should resave permalinks via Settings -> Permalinks.

    Kind Regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)