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Can't translate "No products in the cart" (the only thing!)

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    First of all, WOW, great theme. It’s by far the most flexible and convenient theme I’ve had the chance to work with. Worth the money 🙂

    1. My issue is that I can’t seem to find a way to translate one particular thing: “No products in the cart” when you mouseover the cart icon in the header. You can see here:


    I translated the slug in the theme .po file and I checked in WooCommerce just to be sure, but it’s really in your theme files that I can find that sentence. Anyway, it stays in English…

    2. Another translation issue I guess. The breadcrumbs shows: “Home – Page 1 for example”. But how can I change the “HOME” to be the name of my home page? I thought it would be automatic. My HOME page is called “Accueil” which means HOME in French. But in the breadcrumbs, I still see “Home”.

    Thanks in advance for your help,




    1. I just noticed that the slug is now translated! That’s kind of weird… but anyway it worked! 🙂

    2. Speaking of breadcrumbs, is it possible to remove them in the Single Product page? I think there is too much information on a single product page. I would like to remove the bar under the main menu that says : ” <— Home, Products, categorie, name of the product”

    Is it possible?



    Artem Temos


    Thank you so much for using our theme, we are glad that you happy using it 🙂

    1. We guess that it was just a cache issue, so translation appeared after refreshing your cart.

    2. You can translate these strings via POT files of our theme and WooCommerce plugin. We suggest you use Loco Translate plugin for this purpose, here is a video tutorial that should help you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAFq1yTfWfU

    And here is code snippet that you can place into the Custom CSS area in Theme Settings to hide breadcrumbs on the single product page

    .single-breadcrumbs-wrapper {
        display: none;


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)