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Change control / render content of Elementor widget

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    I just found this topic

    Who show how easy can it be to change the render of the content, very nice

    Is that a simple way to change control too ( register controls ) of this specific widget brand ?


    I would like to change the behaviour of this widget to display any attribute, not only brands


    Maybe it would be good to just clone this widget , for example class-products-any-attribute

    I can do that by copy your brand class work and ajust to my need, but how can i register this new class then ?

    i found you register it in
    inc/integrations/elementor/class-elementor.php => $woo_files = array( …
    inc/integrations/elementor/global-maps.php => here to you make something in
    function woodmart_elementor_add_carousel_maps( $element ) {

    How can i easy register my clone widget please 🙂

    Thank you



    Any answer please 🙂 ?


    Luke Nielsen


    Sorry for the delay.

    Sorry, but there is no option in Theme Settings available for that. It requires customizations and this is beyond our limitations and support policy.

    If you’d like to contact us, we are here for whatever questions you may have.

    Kind Regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)