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    When I visit the page as a visitor, compare function link don’t work.
    It increases number on top of compare icon, but when I click icon, it brings empty table.
    I put the video in private area.

    I have cloudflare business plan and cloudflare plugin.
    I also use this plugin. https://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-cart-fragments/

    Bu I deactivated both of them and put cloudflare on development mode. But still had the issue.

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    I tried refresh after 10 minutes
    Now I can see all 4 products in the compare page.

    Why they were not there in first place but come after few minutes?
    Any idea?



    As we see, your compare page is cached and that is why it doesn’t work well. You need to exclude it from the cache.
    And the plugin you use disables an important function that updates header widgets numbers.

    Kind Regards




    I will check cache part with kinsta.com and will review my cloudflare settings.
    I have put my settings in private area. Do you have any comment?

    “And the plugin you use disables an important function that updates header widgets numbers.”

    What do you mean with this?

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    Sorry, but we don’t know how the cloudflare settings should be configured. You may need to refer the service documentation or contact their support for help.

    You wrote that you use Disable cart fragments plugin. And we don’t recommend you to use it since it disables an important function that updates header widgets numbers.



    Hello Artem,

    Thank you for reply.

    “Cart fragments” caused 502 errors in rush hours (10K visitors in an hour). So We had to disable it.

    Actually I didn’t have problem with widget numbers. It updates numbers easily.
    I also cancelled Mini-Cart menu, so when user add any product to cart, they go to cart page. Also when they click cart icon in the header, they also go to cart page.
    These are work OK till now.

    Also I believe Perfmatters plugin was the cause to my problem with cache setting.
    I kindly asked Kinsta people not to cache wishlist, cart, checkout, compare pages in server level. They did it.
    Then I removed perfmatters’ script manager.

    Seems problem solved.

    PS : We love woodmart theme but wish we can remove some elements which we will not use 🙂



    Great, we are glad that you sorted everything out. Contact us if you will have any problems.

    Kind Regards

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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