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    Hello, I bought the Woodmart theme with the intention of creating a marketplace with Dokan. I have installed the theme, I have configured Woocommerce and Dokan, however in the seller’s Dashboard I see the Dokan theme, it does not apply the css nor the appearance that I have configured in Woodmart.

    How should I set up my Woodmart to apply to Dokan and see what Woodmart looks like in the Dokan pages?

    Thank you

    PS:Are there sample pages where I can see the Dokan dashboard? I have seen the example marketplace theme (handmade) but it does not allow to see the dashboard, only the frontend.



    Thank you so much purchasing our theme and contacting our support center.

    Could you please provide us some screenshots and steps to reproduce the issue on your website? We will need your admin access as well.

    Kind Regards
    XTemos Studio



    Hello, I am not authorized by the client to share admin or other details of the project. I hope you understand and can help me.

    The procedure is to go to: My account> Vendor Dashboard

    I have the theme set with the “digital” demo, however, as you can see in the screenshot, the Dokan theme does not match the css. How can I apply the Woodmart theme to Dokan?

    Thank you

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    Try to add the following code snippet to the Custom CSS area in Theme Settings to change dashboard colors.

    .dokan-dashboard .dokan-dash-sidebar ul.dokan-dashboard-menu {
    	background-color: black;
    .dokan-dashboard .dokan-dash-sidebar ul.dokan-dashboard-menu li.active,
    .dokan-dashboard .dokan-dash-sidebar ul.dokan-dashboard-menu li:hover,
    .dokan-dashboard .dokan-dash-sidebar ul.dokan-dashboard-menu li.dokan-common-links a:hover {
    	background-color: #2678CC;
    .dokan-dashboard-wrap .dokan-dashboard-content .dokan-btn-default, 
    .dokan-dashboard-wrap .dokan-dashboard-content .dokan-btn-sm, 
    .dokan-dashboard-wrap .dokan-dashboard-content .dokan-btn-theme, 
    .dokan-dashboard-wrap .dokan-dashboard-content button:not(.dokan-close), 
    .dokan-dashboard-wrap .dokan-dashboard-content input[type=submit], 
    .dokan-dashboard-wrap .dokan-dashboard-content input[type=button] {
    	background-color: #2678CC;
    	border-color: #2678CC;




    Great! thank you 😉


    You are welcome!

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