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    I have a product on my website with a listed free price.

    When I hover over the price it shows the button option to add it to my cart like so:

    It then successfully adds the product to the cart, as demonstrated here:

    This is what I want.

    The problem
    However, the problem is when I click on the product itself and attempt to click the add to cart button from the product page

    It refuses to add the product to the cart!

    Steps I’ve already taken to try and fix this:

    • I have already flushed my urls
    • I have already cleared my WP site cache
    • I have already checked endpoints of woocommerce
    • All my tests were done with incognito browser sessions with cleared browser cache.
    • I have basically done all the steps on this list https://businessbloomer.com/woocommerce-solving-cart-empty-issue/ and it’s all pointing to the Basel theme being at fault with this issue.

    I have already backed up my entire site. I’ve already backed up my database of my website. You have my express permission to use the admin credentials provided and resolve this issue.

    Please reply back to let me know what was the cause and how you resolved it. Thanks.

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    Could you please check how it works with some default WordPress theme like twentysixteen to understand is it our theme issue or not?




    I switched the site to twentysixteen and the item did not add itself to the cart even though the message said that it was successfully added to the cart.

    What does this mean? How can this be resolved?

    Kind regards

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    It may be some kind of cache issue. Try to disable all caching plugins in your WordPress dashboard and on the server. Also, check the issue without any plugins installed.


    Hi Artem,

    I took your advice on de-activating all plugins.
    The problem at first was that my site requires a minimum of certain particular plugins in order to have the shop and the site translation (where the issue originates) operational.

    I narrowed it down that I require these 8 plugins for my site shop to function. Then I did testing in incognito browser sessions each time I de-activated a plugin to see if the empty shop cart problem persisted. When I got to disabling the “WPML Translation Management” plugin the problem finally went away.

    However, new problems have arose:

    Now I have this error message permanently in the dashboard.
    I don’t know what this means for when I attempt to add another product and translate it with WPML.

    Furthermore, I received another WP Rocket dashboard notification prompting me to clear my cache after disabling WPML Translation Management plugin,

    and when I did so it broke the layout of my shop, pushing all items within a right hand column. So I had to re-do everything to put it back in this “working” state.

    I’m unsure what to do now, as re-activating the WPML Translation Management plugin restores the empty cart error.

    Kind regards.


    You need to contact WPML support for help in this situation since it doesn’t depend on the theme.


    Agreed. This guy had the same issue and they appeared to have closed his ticket without resolving/sharing the solution https://wpml.org/forums/topic/cart-empty-3/#post-1293061

    Many thanks

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