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    We have payed again your support because we have a big problem, we sell products on Spain, UK and France, our store is on Spain and woocommerce is configured as it.

    So much customers from france are sending us emails that they can’t buy items in his country, when they choose the product and click “add to cart” the button keeps on an infinite spinning and nothing happens, a letter of a customers says:

    “I am from France this is my adress : 414 Chemin du Bac, 60610 Lacroix Saint Ouen, France
    The suit is at 249€, and this is what happened when i try to purchase (see the picture). I click on « ajouter au panier » and then the white circle spin in the blue case for an endless time. And the shipping cart remain empty.”

    We tryed to reproduce the error but is imposible from us, if we introduce this address we can buy without problems, but this is the 5º customers that reports the same error trying to buy outside of Spain, where is configured the woocommerce plugin.

    We don’t have the same error with another wordpress templates, maybe is the AJAX? We don’t know, our knowledge about programming languages is null.

    Waiting for hear about you,

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    How is it possible to reproduce the issue from our side? You said that it doesn’t happen on other templates, how did you test that?



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    we think that maybe using a proxy with an IP from france can work, but really we’re unable to reproduce it, we have paid the support for contact us because maybe another customer reported the same error, maybe in another thread this problem is reported and fixed, you never heard about this error?

    I haven’t tested that, as I say, I don’t know nothing about programming
    sorry 🙁


    Usually, some problems appear when WooCommerce geolocations options are turned on. But we never heard about endless spinning loader from users from a certain country. That is why we can hardly advise you here. You should be able to reproduce the problem on your website (or create a staging copy), and then investigate which plugin or theme causes this problem.


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    With a proxy the error appears as described by our customers, please, open http://www.franceproxy.net and browse https://nucomplements.com/tienda/triton/?lang=fr

    Before browse nucomplements uncheck “remove scripts” and “remove objects” or ajax won’t work, you will see 23 errors on console, one called “ajax adding to cart error” and 6 “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)”


    Please, disable all external plugins and also check with default WordPress theme.

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