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    We’ve made a product category page using visual composer and used widgetised sisebar to display the filter, which you can see here: petesque.com/gassi-glamour. However, the filter doesn’t function properly. It displays more filters than it should, and overall doesn’t work properly.

    What can I do so that the filter works properly?

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    We tested the filters on your site and for us, everything works correctly. Could you please clarify in detail how to identify the problem and provide screenshots or screencast.

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    Everything works correctly? It’s showing filters that don’t apply to the products that are shown. You see 6-7 colors, while the products are only blue and red.

    The filter applies to the entire shop, not for this category only. I need it only for this category. How can I do that?

    It also shows many sizes, whereas we didn’t indicate any sizes.


    WooCommerce filters widgets work globally for all shop pages including categories. You can’t apply them for custom WordPress pages built with Visual Composer.

    If we understand you wrong, please, provide some details, screenshots and link where we can see it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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