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How to edit Archive Page?

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    Hello and thanks for the fast response on my last question!

    I’ve got another doubt… How can I edit the archive page?
    I created a Custom Post Type by using CPT UI plugin and everything is working fine, I was able to display the archive page but I would like to make a few changes like:

    – Have page title section
    – Have Author displayed on each card shown

    I’ve already tried to display those by checking on the Edit Page option but got unsuccesfully. My section “Disable Page Title” is already unchecked, so it should be showing the page title but it’s not. It’s the only page not displaying properly the page title, also I can’t edit with Elementor and the classic editor doesn’t display the changes I do.

    This is the custom page I made with CPT UI plugin: https://valoraofertas.com/backup/blog/
    (I know it says “Blog”, but it’s a custom post type since I used the classic blog from wordpress for something else :P)

    Thanks in advance!



    Sorry but we could not help you with this.

    It requires customizations and this is beyond our limitations and support policy.

    Best Regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)