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    Madoo Webdesign


    I can’t reopen this ticket, but issue was not solved. but now it’s solved with PolyLang, below his reaction.

    Hello again Danny,

    I discussed your issue again with my colleague after replying to you and we continued investigating a little because he realised some elements might be missing to the wpml-config.xml we had sent you.

    So we have tested to upload a revised version of the file to your staging site and I am please to let you know that it worked 🙂

    Could you update your wpml-config.xml file and change it for this one (find attached). As reminder this file needs to go in your wp-content/polylang directory
    What he did is he added the keys for both the wishlist_page and the compare_page as below:
    <key name=”xts-woodmart-options”>
    <key name=”wishlist_page”/>
    <key name=”compare_page”/>

    In fact you can send these two key name to the authors of Woodmart for them to add them to their wpml-config.xml file which they already add to their theme, this way all other customers who are working on multilingual sites will be able to have the correct redirection on their wishlist and compare icons.
    • <key name=”wishlist_page”/>
    • <key name=”compare_page”/>
    Once this is done you simply need to update the ID of the page as explained in this short video => https://www.loom.com/share/8a914ef23fe84a949520a576e77ddf46

    I hope this solves your issue.



    Our theme is fully compatible with WPML plugin.

    Polylang plugin is not fully compatible, though you can use it.

    Best Regards


    Madoo Webdesign

    Thanks for your response, but everything works fine.
    when you fix this small thing your theme is also compatible with Polylang.



    I have submitted the issue to our development department and we will consider adding this fix. However, we do not promise we can do that at the nearest future as it would require complete testing which is time-consuming.

    Best Regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)