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    I already posted this on themeforest forums, but now just replicating it here


    Hello, every time I try to go to admin area from the website pages I get an error:

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator at * to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


    I already reported this error before, and the reply it was, something like a server error which I should talk with hosting provider, the reality, is that after that, we tried to find the problem, and we came to the fact… This only happens with your template, any other themes that I try give me no problem at all. I already made several fresh installations, just activating your template and the basic plugins you recommend, and the error it is always there.

    If I deactivate some random plugins from your template, the error goes away too.

    Although, if I let the plugins all active (exception to woodmart core) but with other template, I have no problem at all.

    So like it is obvious, the hosting provider replied, that the error it is from the template.

    Plus like I already made a search about this matter, and found several people having same error with your template, how I can solve this???

    Because I know how to go around, so I can work on the website, but if I go pass a damaged website to a client, they will keep asking what is going there.

    Thank you

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    500 Internal Error is a generic error and says about some issue on the server and can be caused by different things. Anyway, to understand its nature you need to see your server error logs or enable PHP error display on the website. If you can’t do this, you need to contact your hosting provider for help in this question. Here is an article that may help you understand the error better http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-fix-the-internal-server-error-in-wordpress/




    This is the same copy-paste reply I already got from you on themeforest forum.
    After that I already contacted the Hosting provider…. Ilike I mentioned on my first post.

    And they already investigated it, we did many other templates tries with same plugins, and this only happens with your them, so they sent me back to template creators…

    Here I am…


    At least, provide us some information from your error logs and try to deactivate extra plugins. All this information is written in the article and in our reply so you seem to not read it also. As we said, it is a generic error that doesn’t mean that caused by WoodMart. You need to disable extra plugins and investigate it first.



    First of all… for a customer service you have no idea what I read or not.
    Second… the link you provided, already was provided to me on themeforest some weeks ago, and I already followed all those steps, and put the techs for hosting provider looking to it too…..
    Third… So the person is replying to same question on themeforest isnt here… I see…

    I said this there:

    I keep trying to find a solution to this…. I did one more fresh install, and installed only your template, woodmart core, woocommerce and slider revolution. Only the required plugins and the shop plugin… And with just this, the problem already exists. This is getting very frustrating, because at some stage without any solution I will have to move to other template, when yours seems to be a good template in most of the aspects.

    So there is no extra plugins at all, I have your theme.
    Woocommerce, Slider Revolution and Woodmart core already

    Nothing more is active on that installation…

    And if the person on themeforest requested me the login details to investigate… why you cant investigate???

    The host provider send me to you, you send me to host provider… this is crazyness


    We can’t investigate the issue since you provided us with your admin access. And your issue is actually that it is not possible to enter your WordPress admin panel. So to investigate the issue you need to perform two main steps that we asked you already:

    1. Check your error logs on the server and send us this information. Or give us access to your server logs.

    2. Disable extra plugins as shown in the article.
    You write that you have disabled them all, but it is not correct since at least two plugins connect their JS files on frontend.


    If your hosting says that this issue is related to our theme then they should know the exact error. That is actually what we need. There is should be some PHP error generated probably by our theme or some of the installed plugins. Without that logs, we are not able to investigate anything now.

    Kind Regards



    The plugins are active now, because the Hosting provider techs are replicating the errors, so they can investigate again.

    I know nothing about tech, and I know how to go around the problem and still login… and surelly you know too. But ok, I will back after they give me feedback of what they are doing.



    Now looking to your screens… man.. this is a funny costumer service.
    I sent two logins… mentioning one it was a fresh installation with the same problem.
    And the costumer service just to “bully” the client use the website which has all previous plugins and files.

    I already will be happy if I can understand the problem on the fresh installation.
    No need to go for the other one jsut to bully the client.
    All plugins are disabled on fresh installationv ersion now.


    OK, let continue on the second website but it doesn’t matter. Error logs still not provided so it is not possible for us to investigate it.



    I am waiting for feedback of the hosting provider, I already went around cpanel to discover the error logs. And activate the PHP display error, on PHP functions.

    But no idea where I get the PHP errors, on FTP all logs are empty. So still waiting their response too. So they clarify if is their problem or not…

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    These errors are not related to our theme since they are generated not by our theme files. And we are able to enter your WordPress dashboard on the second website now. We don’t see any errors.



    Like I said I am waiting hosting provider feedback, so they let me know where is the log errors for the subdomain. Because those are the only log errors that I can find, but like I mentioned are mainly about the domain, and not the subdomain where the website is installed.

    Plus, you can login because like you requested, I disabled all plugins.
    But if you turn ON at least the:
    Woodmart Core
    Slider Revolution

    The problem returns, and is not only that combination of plugins. Some other combinations create the same problem. Anyways, I keep waiting that they tell me what they are founding on their side.

    First they said that made tests, and said it was template fault, because it works well with other templates and same plugins (exception to woodmat core of course).

    So I have no idea from where the problem is…
    I complained before, but is the true, you send me to them, they send me to you… that is not solution



    Ok, they replied what they already replied before…
    I activated the DEBUG for wordpress on config.php. I activated the plugins, and problem exists. The error logs, no idea where they are appearing.

    Hosting server said that probably was a compatibility problem between PHP version and wordpress. SO I already tested it with 7.1, 7.2, 7,3 and 7.4.

    Always same result…No idea what to do more



    Found this error log on admin folder

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    • This reply was modified 2 months ago by  kadusdesign.

    Please, send us your FTP access and write the path to your server error logs so we can see them.
    Note that we tested our theme with all PHP versions up to 7.4 and we also run PHP 7.4 on our server.



    FTP details…. I will try discover where is the path you mention

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    We have activated all theme-related plugins now. We don’t see the error.



    I still have it, I logged out. Trying to login, the error is there.
    I can go around and go in… like before, but the error it is always there.
    And the same happens when I am viewing a page and click to back to admin.


    OK, now it appears again. Where we can see your server error logs, please?



    About the error path, I have no idea.
    I asked to the Hosting techs, they told me I was looking correctly for the server errors on the cpanel… which was the image I sent before with errors mainly about the domain, and not about the subdomain which we are talking about.
    I activated the debug, and uploaded the file by FTP, what I believe is ok too.

    But I can’t find a debug.log in any place, not sure if that is configurable.
    The only error log I found it was WP-ADMIN > error log


    In this case, could you ask your hosting provider to visit your website and check the error generated on the server-side when the Internal server error is shown?
    It is not possible that the server shows this error without any PHP or other error in the logs.



    Thnka you for your patience, but the hosting providers techs don’t are very helpful, they reply that this type of error it is an error on the WordPress and Template error, so they asked me to activate the wp debug.
    Something thatI did already weeks ago in my first “investigations”, and got nothing.
    Now I did it again, like you can see on the attached screen, and I got no log at all from the error.

    On the cPanel, the section where they say that log report is, I already consulted it. It appears errors yes, but nothing about the subdomain I am using, and the time it has no relation to the times when I am doing tests.

    So the hosting provider shot this way, close the “ticket” say that is nothing with them.
    And I simple have no idea, where the hell should be a simple log report of this errors.

    You must be logged in to view attached files.

    Could you please send us your cPanel access so we can view your logs?



    Hello sorry for the problems I gave before.
    I decided to move the website of server, and that solved me the old problem.
    But at the moment I have a different one, which I doubt it is about your template, but I dont know how to solve it, in case you can, that would be great.

    If you see the attached screenshot, in some browsers the CSS is not being used, the icons disappear etc.. many unformatted things.

    I consulted the console of the browsers and it is giving several herrors about files that are being blocked, because some are https other http, etc…

    Any idea how I make this work correctly?

    Thank you, so much



    Forget the reply above
    Problem solved.
    Thank you


    Great, we are glad that you sorted it out.

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