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Links in mega menus + search in sticky nav

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    I’d appreciate your help with a few issues.

    1. I’ve built a couple of mega menus (similar to the ones on your demo pages) using Elementor to list the many categories on our shop, but it seems that links are hard-coded and use the full url rather than link to a WP category. This means that if at any point anyones changes a category name in WP (which happens often enough), those links would be broken. Is there a way to create more dynamic links that would update if editors make changes to categories?

    2. I’ve used your sticky header clone feature (which is great by the way). But because I’ve got the search box as an expended search box rather than icon only in the original header section, it is not included in the sticky header clone. If I change it to an icon in the original header it includes it in the clone, but I need it to display initially as a full field, and only collapse it to show an icon only when scrolling down. How can I change that?

    3. In your predesigned HTML blocks that show a newsletter sign up form, I can see the input field, and I can see that under ‘select mailchimp’, ‘mailchimp’ is selected. But when I try to build a new html block and use the ‘edit mailchimp’ element, I can’t select ‘mailchimp’ and the input field isn’t displayed. I can’t imagine that it’s because I’ve not signed up to mailchimp, because if it were that, it would have affected your html blocks too, right? (I’ve not signed up because we’ve got another email provider, I wanted to check the layout first). What should I do to have the newsletter form show?




    1. There is no option to add the Product category URL dynamically. If the category deleted or changed it should be edited in the mega menu block accordingly.

    2. It is not possible to edit the cloned header. You can disable the cloned header and make the row sticky and it would be as per your needs.

    3. Please provide the screens of what you have when you add the element. Please specify how do you add the form to the page.

    Best Regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)