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    I have to website with woodmart, both translated with loco translation plugin for some strings.
    One is using the child theme, and has no issues translating all the strings.
    The other one is not using the child theme, and some strings dont translate, for example:
    “SHOW SIDEBAR” translation doesnt work.

    Thank you

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    Please replace the file woodmart\inc\integrations\woocommerce\modules\wishlist\class-ui.php with one attached to the message with the link. If you can not do it on your own, provide FTP access to the private area.

    No matter the child or parent theme is used you need to translate the parent theme.

    Best Regards


    But what does the Wishlsit have to do with the SHOW SIDEBAR string?

    I mentioned the child theme because it is the only difference between both websites, same woodmart version in both, and one the translation works, and in the other one it doesnt.
    I will try to replace that file.

    Thank you



    The Wishlist does not concern the sidebar. What do you mean? Please provide the page URL and screens with problems,

    You need to translate Woodmart parent theme for strigs related to Woodmart and Loco > plugins > choose appropriate for all the rest.
    Best Regards


    Because for my translation issue you replied telling me to replace a file that is from the wishlist:



    Please deactivate all the plugins not related to the theme provide the site admin access to the private area. “SHOW SIDEBAR” translation works properly in 4.0.2. need to check the settings.

    Best Regards


    I am still having the issue, it hasnt been resolved.
    Cant translate some parts of the theme.
    please help



    Please provide the site admin access to the private area and list of the string which you cannot translate

    Best Regards

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