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    hi, one more question about menu with htlm blocks at home site 🙂
    Menu -> Custom fields [for theme] -> Design -> set sizes
    There is “Dropdown Width” and “Dropdown Height”
    When I change this parameters width is changed but hight is the same all the time.
    Is there any option to change high of html block or is it constant?



    This value determines the min-height of the block. If the content height is bigger, the height is determined by the height of the content.

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    But have a look. (prtSc in Attachments)
    the content height is smaller and there is empty white space.
    Menu – Kategorie – Lufki – design set size – Dropdown Height 20
    HTML Block : Menu-category-2

    am I doing something wrong?

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    Thee megamenu block Lufki is higher than 20px http://prntscr.com/ovzqlk As I told above 20 is min-height, and the actual height is the height of the content.

    Now, this menu item is set to be Full-width http://prntscr.com/ovzr58

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    i know that is full width because i update plugin woocommerce and there was a clerical error on my page! I had to restore a backup.

    But i made a html hlock “test” and insert it to category “Wagi jubilerskie”
    Content is so small but white place has the same size like always.
    I dont know how to change content hight of html block.
    i would like to ending html block like on second attachmens (red line)

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    The height of the megamenu block in the Category menu is always equal to the height of all the items in the menu http://prntscr.com/ow24iq

    Now it is 495px.

    If the content of the mega menu block is more then the height of the Browse Category menu, the height will be determined by the height of the content.

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