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    We copied the site from the dev directory to the root directory, updated all the urls in the datbase with a find and replace and lost all the theme settings and links to the custom css and jquery in the the theme settings. We have to re-upload the logos, reset all the colors, footer, header, etc….
    Is there a way to avoid this issue when migrating or moving.
    This does not happen with other templates we have bought and used.



    This is because the db also has the file path in the database like

    and not just mydomain.tld

    All the theme links are written

    /var/www/clients/client1/web7/web/woo/wp-content/themes/basel/header.php::30′), etc…



    Before moving your site to the other domain we suggest you just export all your configuration in Theme Settings -> Import / Export. Then you will be able to import it on the new domain in the same way. It will prevent you from losing Theme Settings.





    Sorry, missed that possibility. We re-imported all the settings from the dev site from the url.

    The thing is that the other plugins like VC put the full url in the database, so for a clean migration we do a find/replace and we just presumed that by replacing the old url with the new one would update everything. From our experience it is best to do a find/replace for the old url to the new one when doing a migration, and on other themes the theme settings were included.

    You can close this. Resolved.



    Probably not a theme issue but just to add that not all the settings got migrated across. Seems like we are missing items like widgets and a bunch of background images… But this could be a WP or VC issue.


    Yes, our theme doesn’t manage widgets configuration so it is probably WordPress issue.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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