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Multiple conversion triggering and missing data layer

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    I told you that I was having problems with the meta pixel conversion process, but you told us to try with another theme. The problem was that purchase events were randomly triggered multiple times.

    There were also some issues with Google conversions. Thereupon, I got help from the technical team of Google’s official office to set up Google conversions on the site. When Google’s technical staff examined the site, they said that purchase events were triggered 3 times in 1 purchase transaction. Since 1 of the 3 triggered events was different, the conversions were set up manually through that event. He did this through the data layer value. He also monitored the data returning from the site via the tag manager. The authorized person advised me that there was a problem on the site regarding the data layers and that I should forward this problem to you.
    As far as I understand, I am forwarding the problem to you.

    When a category is displayed in the data in the view list event, the products in that category should appear in the data layer, but on my site, some of the categories appear incorrectly and those products are not listed under the relevant category.
    Here is the google document : https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/ga4/ecommerce?client_type=gtm#purchase

    item_brand: “Google”,
    item_category: “Apparel”,
    item_category2: “Adult”,
    item_category3: “Shirts”,
    item_category4: “Crew”,
    item_category5: “Short sleeve”,
    item_list_id: “related_products”,
    item_list_name: “Related Products”,
    item_variant: “green”,
    location_id: “ChIJIQBpAG2ahYAR_6128GcTUEo”,
    price: 9.99,
    quantity: 1

    Currently on the site it looks like this:
    event: “view_item_list”,
    gtm: {
    uniqueEventId: 20,
    start: 1703596985939,
    priorityId: undefined,
    allowlist: undefined,
    blocklist: undefined,
    whitelist: undefined,
    blacklist: undefined
    tagTypeBlacklist: undefined,
    developer_id: {dOGY3NW: true},
    eventModel: {
    items: [
    id: “2003”,
    name: “Narlı Köme”,
    category: “Köme/Pestil & Köme”,
    list: “Product List”
    Additionally, in the current theme, the data layer push event is triggered by an event for the old UA analytics.
    He said that for GA4 it should be triggered by ecommerce.

    event: “purchase”,

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    Hung Pham

    Hi zngntr,

    Thanks for reaching to us.

    My colleague answered in the last topic that it is not possible to check if it is a theme issue or not. It might be caused by a lot of different things.

    I kindly request you to conduct a check by activating the default WordPress Theme, such as Storefront or Twenty Twenty-Three (Appearance > Themes) and keep WoodMart Core and Elementor or WPBakery plugins activated. This is to ascertain whether the issue you are experiencing is due to our theme or not.

    Let me know how it goes.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)