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    Hello, I think they should continue making web optimization improvements on the subject
    -For example, if you don’t use the Waypoint widget, the Waypoint library will load even if you have it marked “on demand”
    -I don’t understand why a library to detect devices when WordPress already includes this
    -I don’t understand why this script is loaded /wp-content/themes/woodmart/js/scripts/wc/woocommerceWrappTable.min.js?ver=6.1.4
    With very few lines, using jquery and nowhere on the web is a table used
    -I don’t understand why /wp-content/themes/woodmart/js/scripts/global/helpers.min.js?ver=6.1.4 is loaded on the frontend. What does this?
    -For example /wp-content/themes/woodmart/js/scripts/wc/loginSidebar.min.js?ver=6.1.4 uses jquery. Any plans to abandon jquery in these scripts? It would greatly improve performance when using js vanilla
    -I don’t understand why the woodmart-font.woff2 and woodmart-font.woff font is loaded on each page load. Would woodmart-font.woff2 be enough right?
    -If you mark disable the footer on this page, the css file /wp-content/themes/woodmart/css/parts/footer-base.min.css?ver=6.1.4 is still loaded. Should not load
    -In the checkout we do not have any widget and /wp-content/themes/woodmart/css/parts/widget-wd-recent-posts.min.css?ver=6.1.4 is loaded


    Artem Temos


    1. Waypoint library is used for a lot of different things that are probably used on your pages: animations, load more buttons, sticky elements etc.

    2. Sorry, what do you mean by WordPress already includes it? It doesn’t have such functionality by default.

    3. It is necessary to make WooCommerce tables responsive.

    4. helpers.min.js includes our theme initialization and basic setup and helpers.

    5. jQuery is used by most of the plugins including WooCommerce. So there is no sense to abandon jQuery while it is used by WooCommerce.

    6. We have checked on our demo and only woff2 version is loaded. Could you please send us your admin access and temporarily disable all external plugins so we can check what is wrong?

    7. We will fix the footer CSS issue.

    8. We will review this file and fix it if necessary.

    Kind Regards



    2. https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/wp_is_mobile/
    3. But load even if you are not using a table
    4. But it shouldn’t load on the frontend if I’m not mistaken
    5. WooCommerce is already making changes to abandon libraries and pass jquery code to js vanilla and css (This will be a slow process)
    This greatly improves performance, since jquery is no longer required for many functionalities
    6. I put the domain as “private content” and there you can see the loading of the font
    7 and 8. Thanks. Do you know when it can be fixed?

    -This library loads all over the web /wp-content/themes/woodmart/js/libs/autocomplete.min.js?ver=6.1.4
    It would be better to charge only when necessary eg at checkout

    -This library loads even if you are in the desktop version


    Artem Temos

    2. But we need to detect the browser type and OS. Different browsers have different scroll bar widths.

    3. We will check why it is loaded when there is no table.

    4. No, it is needed for the frontend, not for the backend.

    5. That is why we can’t do this right now. We need to wait till all the plugins abandon it.

    6. Please, disable all plugins temporarily and send us your admin access?

    7. & 8. We haven’t investigated these issues yet. We will check this with our developers and fix it if necessary.

    Kind Regards



    I want to doubt your reasoning behind number 5 (drop jQuery).
    If you start eliminating jQuery only when WP and WooCommerce are not using it anymore it would be too late. If you start now you will be in line with others as both WP and WooCommerce have this in their plans. Such a thing can’t be done in a moment.
    And already now it is rather possible to run frontend without jQuery for those who want it. Most performance-optimized themes like Astra or Suki do not use jQuery and WooCommerce won’t use jQuery as soon as it fully switches to blocks.
    Also it makes sense to refactor even if jQuery is still enqueued by others because vanilla JS is 2-10 times faster than jQuery.


    Artem Temos


    Yes, we will consider this for our future updates. But we still have other performance improvements that still need to be made before. And native JS will not make your website faster anyway. jQuery is a set of helper functions. For example, it has method ajax that simplifies the ajax request code https://gyazo.com/27af8b185899715dd85796ec3f94c8e0
    And if we will rewrite this code in our theme then our JS will be much bigger. And when other plugins will do the same, it will be 5-10 times bigger since they all will have their own implementation of this simple function.

    Kind Regards

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