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    When we visit our about us page it is suppose to be sticky so as the images moved, the text stays in the same area. When first visited it only loads the first section as sticky. If you refresh the page all sections become sticky and work the way the are suppose to. Can you help with this issue?

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    I have tested the page it works the same way at the first load and after uploading.

    When you scroll the images text becomes moving cause it is necessary to shop next block containing stick images and text.

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    Hello we are still having issues with the about us page on first load.

    I have attached some images to help clarify. Upon first load the text does not scroll with the images.

    After refreshing, page performs the way it should.

    I have included pictures from both instances.

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    I have checked and see the problem. Please provide your admin access for finding the reason.

    Best Regards


    Of course! The admin login information is provided in the private content.

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    Sorry, are you able to send us your FTP access as well?


    I will request them to create an username and password for you.


    We are having trouble creating a ftp user because we are using a subdomain for testing. If we give you access to cpanel will that suffice?


    Sorry, but we need an FTP access, not cpanel.



    We were able to get the FTP working. The credentials will be provided in the private content.

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    Please, check how it works now.


    It seems to be working perfectly now! Thank you.


    Great. FYI, we added CSS class for columns with image column-min-height and put this snippet to the Custom CSS area

    .column-min-height {
       min-height: 600px;
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