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    Hi. I have 4 main categories: home and garden, sport, fashion, child.

    Each of them has many sub-categories, e.g. home and garden has furniture and furniture has its own sub-categories …

    I want to create something on a departmental basis. The home and garden department is not a category but it has categories such as furniture, garden, lighting etc.

    See example: http://www.allegro.pl

    To this end, would I have to do:

    A. Change parent category template?

    B. Add a home and garden page and redirect the home and garden category to this page.

    C. Do something like multiste / multisore?

    D. other?

    If you decide that this is not necessary, then write how to make the category tree in the sidebar do not show other main categories than one. For example, I enter the furniture and sidebar category, show me all the main categories should show only subcategories of one main category and show subcategories of the main category and all other parent categories (other departments)

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    Your request requires additional WooCommerce template files customization. You can try to create a multisite but note that you will have different websites, with different products and orders. So you will have to create absolutely separate websites. But it may be the best option in your situation.

    Kind Regards



    OK, I’ll think about it. Thank you.

    I have a problem with one category (I put it in a private content) Shows me “No product categories exist.” Although I have set the template to show other categories if there is no sub category. It shows well everywhere and only in one shows such a message.

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    You can delete this message. I understand why this is happening. There is another child category in this category but it has no products and is hidden. That is why such a message appears. Thanks


    OK, contact us if you will have any extra questions.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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