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    Hi, the theme is applying compression to my customised style.css residing in the child theme folder. It is far harder to work on edits due to the line items from the original then being removed. I have ALL performance settings OFF: no minimisation, no combine. I have no 3rd party plugin applying compression. The theme was doing this by default from the offset. Oddly I see it not happening to other CSS includes at all, etc: xts-theme_settings_default-1590484472.css

    How do I disable?



    Our theme doesn’t have any compression for the child theme style.css file. If you see that it is somehow compressed on your website then it is something related to installed plugins or to your server.

    Kind Regards



    I don’t have this issue with any other themes I’ve used in the past and I’ve developed websites in WP for close to 10 years.

    I’ve disabled all plugins except for Woodmart Core and WP Bakery Builder – both the absolute minimum required to render my home page and I still am served a compressed style.css file.

    Compressed file attached and website link.

    Please assist.

    Theme Name: Chelsea House
    Description: Woodmart Child Theme
    Author: XTemos
    Author URI: http://xtemos.com
    Template: woodmart
    Version: 1.0.0
    Text Domain: woodmart

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    Could you please disable all plugins that are not related to our theme and provide us your admin and FTP access so we can check it? Also, install one more child theme for some default WordPress theme so we can compare it.

    Thank you in advance



    I have, just disabled WPBakery too. There is ONLY the ‘Woodmart Core’, yet same issue persists. Thanks for looking into this.

    Temp admin account created.

    I’m not sure what you mean the a child theme reference. I’ve created another folder in my themes folder entitled ‘child’ with a duplicate of the same files. Don’t see how this is of any use.

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    We have unminified the CSS file and saved it. We don’t see anything that minifies it again.



    OK damn, it seems something is compressing it, either the FTP software or the server as when I upload my local file and then download it again it’s compressed! Any idea what this could be?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Strange, but we have no idea what it can be. We are pretty sure that it is not our theme since there is no such mechanisms there.



    Figured out it’s definitely not the file or the software but the server hosting. Thanks for assistance.


    You are welcome. We are glad that you sorted it out.

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