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    How can I set the banner to be responsive?
    I woukd like to see the entire banner txt & image on smaller device too…

    These are banner to display information and this not displaying any product.
    So it’s just text and image.

    The banners are set like this
    Banner examples:
    -image and text
    -text and image
    -text image text

    At the moment I only see the text on small view how can I fix it?




    Please provide some relevant screenshots of the specific area with the URL of the page where you added the banners to check it myself and help you out accordingly.

    Best Regards




    I use this example https://woodmart.xtemos.com/blog/woodmart_element/subscription-boxed/
    but in my case the text is already on the image banner.

    The example use background-image and when resized it only display the center of the banner image so some part are not visible when image is resized (left and right part).

    Is there a way to display different banner image based on the size using WPBakery
    or I have to create custom CSS for that?

    What are the media query breakpoint of the theme?



    I Have visited the example you provided.

    1) Please add the element on your website and provide the URL of the page where you added it to check it myself whether it is possible to change the image size with Custom CSS.

    2) What kind of breakpoints do you mean? If you are about our media queries so you can find them in the style.css file.

    Xtemos Studios



    The problem is when resizing to small device for log banner (full width)
    when resizing we loose the start and the end of the banner so we just see the center of the banner.

    I know I can set a different banner base of the media query but I was wondering if anything was present into WPbakery to achieve the same.
    For example display banner 1 for large monitor and banner 2 for smaller monitor.

    For now what I do is using 2 or 4 box to display the banner so I switch from rectangle to square but it’s not very good for bigger banner that need more attention.

    Let me know which method should I use for resizing.



    Sorry but there is no other option available.

    You can apply a trick by using the Responsive Option of Wp-Bakery page builder columns and hide specific columns for specific devices and configure it according to your needs.

    Screenshot for Clarification: https://ibb.co/rcWC0Tn

    Xtemos Studios

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)