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    As I did for Basel, this is my review of Woodmart.
    For comment / reaction on your side, before I publish it.
    I am 100% ready to share any fact with you. Purpose is that it’s fair, and factual
    Waiting for your feedback
    Kind regards

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    Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate all your feedback. Of course, you can post any review about your experience. But we don’t agree with almost everything written here so here is our answer.

    1. Performance compared to Basel. Our WoodMart theme (starting from 6.0 version) is at least 60% smaller in size (CSS & JS) then Basel. So if you see a lower performance score then it is not caused by WoodMart and we are sure for 100% that we are right. We have just started our Basel optimization process but at the current period, it is twice “heavier” than WoodMart.

    2. As we had a long discussion about the ergonomy and already agreed with your point we will change the categories burger icon in our future update.

    3. 2nd menu is not responsive. Yes, it is correct. There is only one mobile menu in our theme and most of our customers are satisfied with that. You can leave this as a feature request.

    4. Gutenberg. As stated on our theme description, WoodMart is just compatible but is not optimized for Gutenberg as well as for WPBakery and Elementor. We don’t provide any custom elements but it is fully compatible with all basic Gutenberg function. We plan to extend it in the future.

    5. It is possible to have 100% local fonts. If you have any problems with this, please, create a topic and we will help you.

    6. a certain cult for practices that add js. Would you mind explaining what do you mean here?

    Kind Regards




    Thank you for the feedback, I truely appreciate.

    1. we compare different things. Yes, Woodmart is lighter in weight. I am just saying that the impact is a 8% faster page load on a rather optimised site (or 0.31s, from 4.06 to 3.75). In addition to theme, the only change was to replace basel elements by woodmart ones. Again, here, it’s not in algorithms, just the real life, real measures made via Google Analytics.
    A reason could be that it’s easier to find the assets to unload / defer in Basel than in woodmart.

    2. I hope that you have understood that my point is to have an obvious, simple, and “mobile optimised” product category selector in shop, and a topic selector in blog. 2nd menu would be the obvious way to do it. Otherwise, on mobile, it’s not obvious, it adds complexity, more texts, more icons, more clicks (again, on desktop, woodmart is super).

    3. 2ndary menu is a real plus on desktops. Why don’t you have it responsive and use-able on mobiles, which are by far the n°1 devices in so many countries ???

    4. Indeed, it’s about speed and performance. WPWakery and Elementor are slower than Gutenberg, and demand much more CPU resources. I am sure that most of your customers prefer those 2 page builders, since they enable to make more “sparkling” sites. Btw, if you’d like to check CPU / speed gaps, I can give you page references + admin access for you to compare

    5. I hope. Topic was re-open there:
    The final target is to be GDPR compliant … but not at expense of moving back to galleries for iphone 3 or 4.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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