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    I start working on the shop and product pages. New things to learn, new difficulties.

    I have started with a shop page loaded in dummy content. BUT, although I went in the settings of Woocommerce, I haven’t found how to settle some customizations, such as having a different design on the main shop page, remove the wish list icon in product pages, remove the opinion field and remove or customize shipping informations.
    1/ Do these settings depend on Basel or only on WC ?
    2/ Do I have to add another theme than Basel specially for shop and product pages, so that I can manage freely the way I want my pages ?



    1. Different designs for products on your shop page you can select in Theme Settings -> Shop -> Hover on product. And you will find also a lot of other settings here to change the view of your shop page.

    2. Wishlist icon option can be found in YITH Plugins -> Wishlist

    3. Shipping options related to WooCommerce and can be configured in plugin’s settings.

    4. It is not quite clear for us about adding another theme than Basel specially for shop page. Could you please explain the idea?




    4/…Well, considering your 3 first answers, I think it is not necessary.
    I was just wondering if everything I need for the shop pages was in Basel or if it was necessary to add something. It seems it’s not. I just have to find out how the commands work.



    You don’t need anything else to install. Basel and included plugins have everything that you may see on our demo 🙂


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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