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    Hi Amazing Team!

    Could you help me, how can display some elements in store page (product drigd)

    • If not reviewed the product show 5 grey or stroked star?
    • Show the short description with (or without) max character/word number
    • How do I change the order of items? For example, the product category above the product image
    • How can i setup the equal height for the products in grid?

    And another two questions?
    Can i display Custom badge in product image? (example free shipping) like sale badge.
    When will you update the theme with new features from 1.2.1? 😀

    Thanks your reply!

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    1, 3. Sorry, but we don’t have such options for changing the order of items on the shop page and showing 5 grey stars. We also don’t have a custom code for that.

    2. Short description on the shop page is not available on all product designs and it shows only on hover, navigate to Theme Settings -> Product archive -> Product options -> there you can set product design e.g “Summary” and below you will see 2 options (Excerpt, Without) that related to the short description. If you want to limit short descriptions, you can use custom CSS code in Theme Settings -> Custom CSS.



    4. The height of the product grid is set depending on the columns on your page, and by default the height on all products is equal. If you have columns with different heights, then you need to upload a bigger image for your product or you can crop images by means of the “Thumbnail cropping” option in Appearance -> Customize -> WooCommerce -> Product Images.


    5. In order to display a custom label on the image, navigate to Dashboard -> Products -> Attributes -> edit some attribute -> enable the “Show attribute label on products” option.


    The label shape is configured in the Theme Settings – > Shop -> Product Labels.

    6. The update will be as soon as possible.

    Kind Regards



    Thanks your answer.

    Sorry for my bad english, maybe you couldnt understood my bad langue with the 4. point.

    If one of product has review (with stars) and next to the other product is hasnt, the product height will be not equal!
    Or example one of product title is 2 rows, and the orther 1 row (because the title is shorter) the products box height not equal.
    After some line of CSS code in the theme (if you want you can make it with option in the admin panel) it can be equial.
    The problem is not the product image size. 🙂

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    1. Unfortunately, the HTML structure of the product content doesn’t support an equal height. We also don’t have custom CSS code for that.

    2. To be able to make 1 title line for all products, navigate to Theme Settings -> Product archive -> Product options -> set the “One line” option for the “Product title lines limit” field.


    Kind Regards



    Hi Luke!
    Thanks your fast answer. No, you couldnt understand me.

    The solution is 3-4 lines of CSS code. 🙂
    I attached an image and here is a code tip.

    .xxx-eq-height {
    display: flex;
    flex-wrap: wrap;
    flex-direction: row;
    align-items: stretch;

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    This code won’t work because our theme differs in the structure of HTML from the site shown in the screenshot. And if one product has a rating and another won’t, they will still be with a different height.

    Kind Regards

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