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    We are finalizing an ecommerce in the domain store.vicone.com.br
    We bought the theme only for support, since the old developer disappeared.

    1. However, the home page sometimes appears a huge space just below the banner, how to solve?

    2. On the home page, the buy button appears SEE OPTIONS for products with varying colors. But we don’t want to leave SEE OPTIONS but just buy, we can’t find where that changes in the theme.

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    First of all thanks for choosing our Theme, we are glad to be you in the WoodMart WordPress family :-).

    1) Please Go to WoodMart >> CSS Generator >> Generate CSS file and save. Disable server caching, deactivate cache plugin, Clear the browser cache and check back.

    If the problem continues then please provide with admin panel login details of the website to check it myself and help you out accordingly.

    2) You need to Install Loco Translate to translate the string according to your requirements.

    After Installing the plugin you need to Go to Dashboard >> Loco Translate >> Choose the path from where you want to translate the strings.

    Screenshot for Clarification: https://ibb.co/k0tYw6G


    You can watch the following video for further help:


    Best Regards.


    The spacing on the homepage still continues and it is taking our sleep away, I will share my adm for technical help.

    Taking advantage of this, the icons also disappeared overnight. Icons that I speak are the cart symbols, the search field …


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    I have visited your website. Please deactivate all the third party plugins, activate parent theme, disable server caching, deactivate cache plugin, clear browser cache and check back.

    If the problem continues then leave all the third party plugins deactivated and let me know and we will troubleshoot with theme plugins.

    Best Regards.


    Good Morning!
    Everything that was requested unfortunately did not fix the problems of the woodmart theme.
    There is a spacing just below the main banner on the home that appears randomly. If accessing the site does not appear, just browse and return to home that spacing appears.
    We need to resolve urgently to put the store on the air.

    Another point that we were unable to correct is that the icons such as shopping cart, search bar icon and other icons native to the theme do not open.

    I count on your collaboration and support to resolve.

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    I have logged in your website and it seems that you are not using the latest version of WoodMart theme and recommended plugins. Please make sure you are using the latest versions of the WoodMart theme and other recommended plugins to make it work perfectly.

    Screenshot for Clarification: https://ibb.co/5sXX3QY

    Best Regards.


    Atualizei os plugins e o layout continua quebrado!

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    You have not updated theme and plugins. Now, I have updated the theme and plugins on your site to latest version, now the site is looking fine. Please check your site after removing the browser cache.

    Best Regards.


    Good evening!
    Thanks for your help, but unfortunately the space below the main Homepage banner continues to appear.
    1 The shopping card is below the footer.
    2 The search field in the header above the menu is broken.
    3 cart suspended on the side does not work. In the website example, the shopping cart can be suspended and when it appears on the side, there is a setting for how many seconds can be left, but it does not work.
    1 Setting the product grid on the home page, I change the settings but it remains the same.

    We need to finalize these settings, or what is missing for the site to go live.



    I have deactivated all the third party plugins and regenerated the CSS from WoodMart >> CSS Generator. And the website is working absolutely fine on my end please clear your browser cache and check back.

    Screenshot for Clarification: https://ibb.co/31PxcQK

    Best Regards.


    Thanks for the service and patience, but we’re almost there.

    1 – When I open the cart with the selected products and try to delete some product, I can’t. The ” x ” does not exclude, this functionality may not be working.
    Follow the print where I speak.

    2 – In the theme there are some texts that are part of the theme I don’t know where to change to Portuguese (I’m in Brazil), can you please guide me?
    The print sent appears above:
    shopping cart -> checkout -> order complete

    this text needs to change to Portuguese.

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    Hello! All right?
    I’ve done several tests and it really is a problem in the topic. I would like to have the products loaded automatically according to the scroll bar, but none of the functions are working.

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    1) I have tested your website by activating default WordPress theme “Storefront” and the cart is behaving the same ways it means it’s not our theme issue. You can try reinstalling WooCommerce or you can try contacting WooCommerce plugin support for further help.

    2) You can translate the text using loco translate and choose the correct path. From Dashboard >> Loco Translate >> Themes >> Woodmart.

    Screenshot for Clarification: https://ibb.co/sFMqqnt
    Result: https://ibb.co/C6dy9HF

    3) You can change the product pagination settings from Theme Settings >> Shop >> Product Grids.
    Screenshot for Clarification: https://ibb.co/FWfHRB6

    Best Regarding

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