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Some problems with the theme

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    Details in private section



    01. You can change the whole background of the search bar, not the small part.

    02. 03. Regarding the Wishlist related concern, can you please once make sure your WoodMart theme and Core plugin is updated to the latest version and then check back the issue again on your Site. The latest version of the Theme running is 7.1.4 and the Core version running is 1.0.36. If it is not updated then you can update the Theme and Core following the Documentation Guide: https://xtemos.com/docs-topic/update-the-theme/

    If the issue still persists after updating the Theme and Core plugin, then could you please once try deactivating all the third party Plugins on your Site, remaining the Theme required ones activated. If the issue gets resolved, then reactivate them one by one to see which Plugin is causing the issue. If this doesn’t work for you then once also, try to activate the Parent Theme on your Site if you are using Child Theme on your Site.

    If somehow the issue still persists, then please take complete Backup of your Site first, Share the WP logins details and provide us the permission to completely debug your Site which includes deactivating all the third party Plugins and removal of on-Site Customization changes too, so that we can thoroughly check this issue on your Site and assist you accordingly.

    Best Regards.



    Answer is in private section



    1- The Search related concern was appearing because for the Search Submit Icon in the Header, there was a border radius being shown which is that white gap was appearing. So, we removed that and now the button appears fine: https://snipboard.io/zD0lev.jpg

    2- Regarding the Wishlist and Compare concern, right now we have deactivated all the third party Plugins on your Site and now the Wishlist and Compare works fine on your Site. So, it is a third party Plugin conflict on your Site in this regard not an issue at the Theme end. So, you need to reactivate them one by one to see which Plugin is causing the conflict.

    3- Regarding the Sticky Header concern, the thing is if you have your custom things shown in the Sticky Header then it would be better to make specific Header position Sticky instead of using Header clone because Header Clone shows general things in Sticky.

    So, if you have the Search and Phone Number content in two different Header positions then unfortunately you will need to make both Header positions Sticky. If you don’t want it that way then you need to create your Header content in such a way for the single Header position that both the contents appear in the same one and then you can have only one Header position Sticky on your Site. This is the best way possible right now.

    4- Sorry to say but this issue recently comes from WooCommerce end and is specifically arising for Edit Address end-point. This is not a Theme end concern, just to clear the fact.

    So, hopefully in the upcoming updates WooCommerce could resolve this concern on priority basis till then you can try the following Snippet provided in this regard. One of the WoodMart Customers share this Snippet and it worked out for most of the Customers facing this issue:

    add_filter( 'woocommerce_account_menu_items', 'custom_edit_address' );
    function custom_edit_address( $items ) {
      $items['edit-address'] = 'Address';
      return $items;

    This snippet needs to be pasted under the functions.php file of the Child Theme.

    Note: Please take complete Backup of your Site first before trying out this Code Snippet. Secondly, if one tries to use the above Snippet on their Site then remember to try use the above Snippet under the Child Theme on your Site because if you try it under the Parent Theme then it will get wipe out once you update the Theme in future (if the update gets released).

    5- The Wishlist, Compare issue caused any other third party Plugin conflict for which we earlier mentioned in 2nd point and this Address issue specifically comes from WooCommerce end not the Theme end issue.

    Hope we have addressed all your concerns !

    Best Regards.



    thanks for your answer!
    as you will see in this video, even so that all plugins are off there is still all of the problems with the wishlist and compare, please watch this video https://wordpress-483107-3383492.cloudwaysapps.com/



    Sorry to say but we didn’t get any Video in your response.

    Further, we have checked the concern issue again on your Site and the Wishlist and Compare works fine:

    https://snipboard.io/KtyT9d.jpg (COMPARE)
    https://snipboard.io/BaPqch.jpg (WISHLIST)

    It just seems that due to the Cache issue on your Site, things aren’t getting loaded correctly in the first place.

    So, if you have any Cache plugin enabled then try to disable that and completely flush out any sort of Site or Server cache and then check back the concern again. Hopefully, you won’t find the issue again.

    Best Regards.

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