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    I have started to build a new site using a staging area in Siteground. I’m adding elements directly from your template libraray. Any element I add that has an icon (infobox etc) in .svg format does not display on the site.

    The svg file renders correctly in the media library and I have also tried adding the height and width code into the file as per some of your previous support tickets.

    Any .svg file renders as a scratchy grey line. See the attached screen shot from the bottom of the front page.

    Nothing I do seems to work. I’m presuming the social follow icons are the same as these don’t work either.

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    It seems that file_get_contents function for URLs is disabled on your server. You need to contact your provider and ask to enable this option.




    Hi, I contacted my host – Siteground. They say these functions are all enabled at the server level. Here is a snippet from the chat;

    Pavel S.: Default_socket_timeout is a PHP variable which determines how long should each connection last to a specific server socket. Once that value is reached, the connection times out. This configuration option was introduced in PHP 4.3.0 which is default timeout (in seconds) for socket based connections
    Scott H: Sorry?
    Pavel S.: For example, PHP commands like ‘file_get_contents’, ‘fopen’, ‘SOAPClient’ are using this timeout INI setting to decide how long to wait for a response
    Pavel S.: On your Grow Big hosting account this PHP variable is enabled by default
    Pavel S.: So what I mean is that it is already active and it can not be the reason for this issue

    So can you please have another look at this issue? I want to use these icons. It shouldn’t be this difficult. They show up on your site, why not mine? I’m using a high quality host and as far as I’m aware, all templates, WP and WooCommerce are up to date thanks to a developer who does some work for me.





    Could you please send us a link to your website where we can see this issue? Also, enable WP_DEBUG in wp-config.php file.

    Kind Regards



    Please find information requested below;

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    We see the following error there that is also related to server configuration https://gyazo.com/60b36ac9cb8e60898cbfe30749dcb799



    Thanks for that piece of information. It helped us locate the problem. There was a conflict between Login and Register modal pro plugin.

    The .svg files now display properly, however the social icons do not. You have all of my page details, please check the footer where I have some social follow icons. They do not work.

    Can you have a look please?



    Just adding some more information – The social icons are Font Awesome. They do not display correctly. The font images do not load. I tried adding an icon element in WP-Bakery but that didn’t work either.

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    Could you please disable external plugins so we can test without them?



    Ok, I have disabled virtually all plugins. I’ve left woocommerce and Woodmart core.



    Answered my own problem 🙂 “Insert headers and Footers” plugin caused the conflict

    I don’t really need it anymore so I’m happy that this is resolved.


    Great, you are welcome!

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